Children's Consignment Sales


NOTE: Tagging Closes on Monday September 14th at 11:00 PM

  • the Hanging
    • Please place all clothing on hangers - wire hangers are preferable
    • Hanger hook pointing to the left (like a ?) place tag on right shoulder.
    • For sets, hang the shirt on the hanger and then turn the hanger over and pin the pants - facing out.
  • Tagging

    Tags are created by entering information concerning each item into the computer. Once finished (or, along the way, too), you can print out all (or some) of the tags directly on your computer.

    Price: you set the price of all items you bring. Pricing must be in $1.00 increments. There is a minimum price of $2.00

    To help keep things simple, we've kept our list of categories small. Basically, if it's not clothing, just go with Miscellaneous.

    • Before starting to enter your information, group your items by category (eg, shoes, clothes, toys), size and gender (where appropriate).
    • For reliable scanning, we recommend printing your tags on 67 lb. cardstock - as light a color as you can find.
    • Please pin the card on right front of item (as you look at it):
    • If you are using a tagging gun, tag the clothes on a seam or underarm. (Iíve also found that the smaller barbs (1 inch or less) rarely get jammed in the tagging gun whereas the larger barbs (3 inches) jammed quite a bit.)
    • For more expensive clothing items place tape over the safety pin after you have pinned the tag on your clothes.
    • DO NOT tape over bar code (even clear tape - the reflection can interfere with the scanning).
    • If you see your item in an ad, clip it out and attach it to show retail price. This is a great way to what a great price the shopper can get it for.
    • If any item on the tag is incorrect, you must make a new tag.
    • We recommend pricing your items between 1/2 and 1/3 of retail price.
    • Small items: Group all small items such as socks, bottles, groups of small toys, etc. in Ziploc bags. Pin or tape the card vertically on the outside of the bag.

What People Are Saying

I wanted to let you know that I shopped the sale Saturday morning. This was my first time at this event and I was very impressed. The selection of items was great and the volunteers were very helpful. I will definitely be coming to all future events.